Our Story

Farmcrest Foods has never forgotten its beginnings – family is what got us started, and family keeps us going. The Bell and Bird families, hailing from Ireland, we are third generation farmers.

Hard work and new ideas – is what brought them to Salmon Arm. Farming the land and raising chicken on the same property, and as the families grew, so has the farm.

Today we continue to supply quality chicken products to British Columbians. Farmcrest Foods employs approximately 40 people. We operate a primary processing facility in Salmon Arm. Our operations also include a hatchery, feed mill, grow barns, and crop production, which supports the processing facility and ensures product safety.

We operate to the latest in technological, health and safety and quality standards. We are still guided by the same philosophy; to produce the best quality chicken products at the best possible price.

Since our founding, Farmcrest Foods has remained dedicated to our land, people and surrounding communities.

While producing our always natural, always fresh, locally grown poultry, we are mindful of the ways that we can help to improve the environment. We take our role as environmental stewards very seriously, and are proud of our accomplishments to date. At the same time we realize that there is no finish line when it comes to making environmental strides. We continue to develop and implement innovative, eco-friendly solutions for our business, to ensure the safety and integrity of the land in which we operate. Of note, we do not use artificial fertilizers on our land.

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